[Ipe-discuss] feature request for ipe and ipetoipe: checkbox "add view to list of lastviews"

Gijs van Oort g.vanoort at ewi.utwente.nl
Sat Dec 4 13:31:31 CET 2010

What about an extra command line option -nolastview to suppress the 
default behaviour?

Or the following behaviour:
(no options): the original default behaviour
-lastview : the last view is used only
-markedviews: the marked views are used only; if a page has no marked 
view, it is suppressed
-lastview -markedviews: the marked views are used; if a page has no 
marked view, the last view is used.
(or, as alternative for the last: -markedviewsorlastview)

(btw, I don't use this functionality so see this only as a suggestion, 
not as a personal wish)


On 12/4/10 4:10 , Otfried Cheong wrote:
> On 12/03/2010 10:49 PM, Alexander Wolff wrote:
>> would it make sense to always have the last view of an ipe page mark
>> itself (and unmark its predecessor) by default? in addition, give the
>> user the opportunity to overwrite this behaviour by unchecking the
>> corresponding check box?
> Does one need to suppress entire pages?
> One could do the following:  When you create a new view, AND this is 
> the new last view AND the previous last view was marked THEN the view 
> marks itself and unmarks the previous last view.
> When you delete a view AND this was the last view AND it was marked 
> THEN the new last view is marked.
> But isn't this rather complicated and going to confuse the user?
> One alternative:  You can mark both pages and views for printing.   
> When a new page is created, it's automatically marked.  New views are 
> not marked.  ipetoipe -markedviews will export all marked views on 
> marked pages, or the last view of a marked page if none of its views 
> is marked.
> We could have a preview (similar to the page sorter) that shows all 
> marked pages and their marked views.
> Otfried
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