[Ipe-discuss] Ipe 7.0.10 on OS X 10.6.3

Olivier Devillers olivier.devillers at sophia.inria.fr
Tue Apr 20 16:24:02 CEST 2010

Otfried Cheong wrote:
>> After running the program I noticed two things: 1) No support for IPE
>> 6 files?! This is outrageous. 
> If using the command line is so inconvenient on OS X, just write a small
> ipelet. 

The problem for me is not to do it in command line but that ipe6upgrade
seems to require a XML ipe6 file. Thus I have plenty of pdf ipe6 files I 
cannot read.

And since ipe6 is no longer available on the wepage....

Where can I be able to find at least a ipe6toipe6 code to translate my 
ipe6.pdf to ipe6.xml ?

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