[Ipe-discuss] Alpha release of Ipe 7 available

Pierre Boulenguez pierre_boulenguez at yahoo.fr
Wed Sep 16 16:18:37 CEST 2009


IPE 7 compiles on my ubuntu 9.04 with texlive 2009 CVS.

I noticed the following strange bug with latex. Write a formula ($x=0$ 
for instance) and run latex. At a certain zoom levels it will appear as 
0=0 and at others as x=0.


PS : nice that you included my little edit XML ipelet in mainline :)

Otfried Cheong wrote:
> A first alpha-release of Ipe 7 is now available on LuaForge
> (http://www.luaforge.net/projects/ipe), or from the Ipe homepage
> http://tclab.kaist.ac.kr.
> This version is not for production use.  It misses a few essential
> features, and may contain serious bugs - this is why I only announce it
> on the discussion list.  But please do help me test it and see the
> future of Ipe :-)
> If you try it out, please read the chapter in the manual about moving
> from Ipe 6 to Ipe 7.   It is available on-line at
> http://tclab.kaist.ac.kr/ipe/manual/manual_ipe6_to_ipe7.html
> Missing features are:
>  - path construction mode can handle only polygonal paths
>  - no path edit mode
>  - no scissors or path join
>  - no automatic angular snap
> Bug reports should be filed on Ipe Bugzilla, not posted to the list.
> Feel free to use the list to ask questions or discuss the new features,
> of course.
> I intend to finish Ipe 7 slowly over the next weeks.  Hopefully we will
> have a stable and complete version by the end of the year.
> Enjoy,
>  Otfried
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