[Ipe-discuss] IPE 6.0pre32 in OSX 10.6.1 Snow Leopard, 64-bit

Zach Teitler zteitler at tamu.edu
Tue Sep 15 01:27:06 CEST 2009

Hello all,

I was able to compile IPE 6.0pre32 as a 64-bit program (architecture  
x86_64) on my MacBook running OS X 10.6.1 (Snow Leopard). I have  
hardly tested it at all --- I opened it, entered some text, ran LaTex,  
saved and re-opened the document --- but at least the basics work. I  
followed Sherif Ghali's great directions (http://mail.cs.uu.nl/pipermail/ipe-discuss/2007-July/000657.html 
) mostly. The (small) differences:

* I installed Freetype from source (http://www.freetype.org/) rather  
than i-Installer. This creates a 64-bit Freetype.

* I used a 64-bit version of Qt (http://qt.nokia.com/downloads), for  
compatibility with the 64-bit Freetype.
   (Precisely: I used Qt 4.6.0. It took forever to build. I used 4.6  
for reasons which are not related to IPE; I am pretty sure 4.5 would  
work fine for IPE, and it can be installed with a binary, which is  
very quick. So I recommend to try 4.5 first and only try building 4.6  
if that fails. Just make sure your download includes the 64-bit  

* I added a line reading "CONFIG += x86_64" to the end of the file "/ 
path/to/ipe6.0-pre32/src/config.pri". This specifies to build a 64-bit  
version of IPE. This requires 64-bit Freetype and Qt.
   For 32-bit IPE you can try changing this to "CONFIG += x86" to  
build 32-bit IPE, which will at least require 32-bit Freetype and Qt;  
if there are other requirements I don't know.

* I used MacTeX-2008, installed from their package (http://www.tug.org/mactex/ 
) (ie, I didn't compile this). I think it does not matter if this is  
32-bit or 64-bit.

* Where Sherif says "Postscript fonts", of course you may have to  
adjust to a value appropriate to your TeX installation:

The 14 standard Postscript fonts:
         cp <IPEPREFIX>/ipe-6.0pre28/tetex-fontmap.xml <IPEPREFIX>/ 
         In fontmap.xml, replace each occurence of
--- Sherif says:       /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/fonts/type1/ 
--- I used:          /usr/local/texlive/2008/texmf-dist/fonts/type1/urw
--- you must use a value appropriate to your TeX installation (but  
this was true before 10.6 anyway)
         sudo mv <IPEPREFIX>/fontmap.xml <IPEPREFIX>/ipe-6.0pre28/ 

* Where Sherif says "Then use one of:", I used the "ln -s" commands  
listed there. The other methods listed there might still work, I  
didn't try.

I had no issues with any of these steps. I hope anyone reading this  
will have good luck building their IPE.

Zach Teitler

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