[Ipe-discuss] C++ Ipelet

Sebastien Loriot sebastien.loriot at inria.fr
Mon Nov 23 17:10:44 CET 2009


While adapting CGAL ipelets from ipe 6 to 7, I found that some functions

I could not find an equivalent to IpePage::Group and IpePage::Delete (I 
add to write my own versions).

I also could not find SubPath::transform.


PS: In passing I found occurences of PageObject in the documention that 
I guess should have disappeared.

ipe-7.0.9/src/ipelib/ipeobject.cpp:/*! Don't use this on the Object in 
an PageObject, because it
ipe-7.0.9/src/ipelib/ipeobject.cpp:  wouldn't invalidate its bounding 
box.  Call PageObject::Transform

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