[Ipe-discuss] Interface changes in Ipe 7

Tim Hutt tdhutt at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 13:02:19 CET 2009

2009/11/3 Otfried Cheong <otfried at ipe.airpost.net>:
> Tim Hutt wrote:
>> 1. The ability to add new colours, angles, grid sizes, etc to a global
>> style sheet in the UI. Symbolic styles are clearly awesome, but I
>> doubt anyone really uses them since it involves editing XML by hand.
> Ipe is meant for users who _want_ to write text in Latex.  Editing
> stylesheet is easy compared to that.

Sure, but I'm of the opinion that things should always be as easy as possible.

> One could always write an ipelet to do this.

Ah cool, I may just do that.

>> 4. Order the text sizes in the drop-down in order of size. Who can
>> remember whether 'Huge' is bigger than 'huge', or 'tiny' is smaller
>> than 'footnote'?
> This isn't that easy, because "huge" and "Huge" are simply symbolic
> attributes.  Ipe has no idea which one is larger.
> But I have ideas for improving the ordering.

Good point, I hadn't thought of that - what about ordering them in the
same order as they are in the stylesheet? Then you can put them in
order of size there.

>> 10. When you try to delete a non-empty page, show a "Are you sure you
>> wish to continue?" dialog rather than "You cannot do this!". I always
>> have to cut the pages instead.
> You are talking about Ipe 6.  In Ipe 7, you can delete non-empty pages.

Oh yes, so I was. Oops.

>> 13. Add 10 grey levels to the default stylesheet.
> The default style sheet is user-specific. Help yourself!
>> 14. Draw the page borders in blue when panning.
> This is currently disabled because of a Qt bug.  It'll work again when Qt is
> fixed...

Awesome. By the way the wiki now lets me edit stuff. I started adding
some random things, hope that's ok.

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