[Ipe-discuss] Interface changes in Ipe 7

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Tue Nov 3 21:18:03 CET 2009

Freek wrote:
> First, the new grid is quite prominent, I liked the old one better. Could you 
> maybe make an option to switch between the two, supposing you like the new one 
> better?

Cairo is too slow in drawing all those dots for the old grid.  I would 
rather experiment with drawing thinner lines for the graph paper first.

> Second, the interaction model changed a bit such that it is more like other 
> programs, which is a good thing I think. The problem I have though is that 
> moving objects works a bit clumsy now. In Ipe 6 you could just use the middle 
> mouse button to move stuff, even when in selection mode and also select stuff 
> with the right mouse button, even in other modes. Although it took a bit of 
> getting used to, it is very handy. I don't know what the best solution would 
> be, perhaps a modifier key might work (e.g. ctrl+left mouse = move in select 
> mode).

Have you looked at http://ipe7.sourceforge.net/manual/manual_14.html ?
Everything that was possible before is still possible, it's just that 
the modifier keys have changed.  My feeling was that it is just a matter 
of getting used to the new shortcuts.

The reason for the change is that since nowadays all mice I'm using have 
a scroll wheel, I have never used the middle button for translations 
anymore - I don't feel the wheel as a button works accurately enough.

If there's enough demand to keep the old modifiers, we can go back to 
them (it's also not very difficult to customize this aspect).

> P.S. are you planning on making a gradient editor at some point?

No, that's not what Ipe is for.  If you need to wysiwyg create a 
gradient, use Inkscape and convert using svgtoipe.


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