[Ipe-discuss] Re: Ipe and Windows 7 RC?

Günter Rote rote at inf.fu-berlin.de
Tue May 12 15:10:31 CEST 2009

> Hi,
> I have installed IPE under Windows RC 7 that I run in a virtual machine.
> Before that, I have also installed MikTex. Ipe opens without any problem. I
> can also open my files but if I save in PDF, Ipe tells me that it has not
> been able to run pdflatex and opens an empty log window. I have checked that
> I can run the pdflatex command from the command line and, I have the same
> problem even if I put the full path to the pdflatex in the configuration of
> Ipe. Any idea? Has any one been able to run it successfully?
> Ipe is very precious to me... So, no Ipe, no windows 7! 

I don't know what Windows RC 7 is, but I have had similar
problems with Windows Vista.

1) Does ipe display text labels in LaTeX fonts
after pressing Ctrl-L? (Probably not.)

2) Ipe wants to write TeX sources for running pdflatex
to a temporary file in the Ipe directory tree.
If that directory or file is not writable
by the current user, then ipe will fail
to run pdflatex.
I remember it cost me some time to figure out how
to make that directory writable un Windows Vista.
(I think I had to modify the status of all parent directories)

You can try to run with administrator privileges to
check whether this is really the problem.

G"unter Rote

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