[Ipe-discuss] Some patches and a new binary

Freek freek_ipe at vanwal.nl
Thu Jan 15 22:16:30 CET 2009

The latest version of Ipe (6.0pre32) contains a rather annoying bug (#279) 
concerning incorrect rounding of floating-point numbers that causes saved 
drawings to look bad: vertices of different objects that appear to be in the 
same place are slightly offset in saved drawings. A patch for this problem is 
included in the bug report. I have compiled a new (Windows) binary that 
includes this and other patches solving some smaller problems, namely:

- Unnecessarily changing the current view after undo, redo, and some other 
actions (bug #238).
- Resizing of the text-edit and page dialogs (bug #278).
- Re-enabling the possibility to change the editor font (now also includes the 
font used for the preamble), without re-introducing bugs #191 and #251.

The Windows binary can be found here (note that it's a bit larger than the 
standard one due to newer versions of auxiliary libraries):

Gentoo users may want to use an adapted ebuild:
Users of other operating systems can patch the source themselves and 
recompile. All patches are available at http://www.vanwal.nl/ebuilds/files/ .

I hope this stuff is useful for others.

P.S. If you have a file that only looks corrupted in a PDF viewer but appears 
correct in Ipe, re-saving the drawing with this version of Ipe will solve the 
problem. I have not updated the Ipe version number (except for the archive 
name), in order not to disturb the regular numbering scheme. The current 
version should be fully compatible with the standard pre32 version.


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