[Ipe-discuss] font size problem

Qingshan Chen qchen3 at fsu.edu
Sun Dec 27 04:48:30 CET 2009

Dear all,
I have a problem with IPE. Let's say we want to typeset 
$x_{\frac{1}{2}}$, which is of course a simple latex code. When we 
determine that the text of normal size is too large, we would like to 
reduce the font size. In doing so we would like the text "x" and the 
subscript "\frac{1}{2}" scale down proportionally. But they don't, and 
this is my problem. I found that when the text font size is set to 
"tiny", \frac{1}{2} is typeset significantly larger than x itself. Can 
anyone help me out with this issue?
Best regards,
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