[Ipe-discuss] pdf2ipe for Windows

Dirk Gerrits dirk.gerrits at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 08:59:44 CET 2009

Hi Otfried,

I indeed went ahead and built pdftoipe.exe.  I got some warnings in the

$ CC=gcc make
gcc  -Ic:/users/dirk/programming/mingw/include/poppler     -c -o parseargs.o
g++ -Wno-write-strings -Ic:/users/dirk/programming/mingw/include/poppler
-c -o xmloutputdev.o xmloutputdev.cpp
g++ -Wno-write-strings -Ic:/users/dirk/programming/mingw/include/poppler
-c -o pdftoipe.o pdftoipe.cpp
g++  -o pdftoipe parseargs.o xmloutputdev.o pdftoipe.o
-Lc:/users/dirk/programming/mingw/lib -lpoppler
Info: resolving vtable for OutputDevby linking to __imp___ZTV9OutputDev
Info: resolving _globalParams by linking to __imp__globalParams
warning: auto-importing has been activated without --enable-auto-import
specified on the command line.
This should work unless it involves constant data structures referencing
symbols from auto-imported DLLs.

But everything seems to be working.  It didn't complain when converting a
test PDF, and Ipe 7.0.10 could open the result just fine.  You can grab the
binary from http://dirkgerrits.com/pdftoipe-20091014-win32.zip (includes
libpoppler-4.dll).  I don't really want to host it for long, so if you could
put the files on SourceForge that would be great.

Kind regards,

Dirk Gerrits

On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 08:34, Otfried Cheong <otfried at ipe.airpost.net>wrote:

> Dirk Gerrits wrote:
>> Really?  I had no trouble getting poppler to build on Windows when I last
>> tried it. Admittedly, this was for a Gtk+ application and not for a Qt
>> application, but if you're saying that poppler-qt4.dll isn't needed
>> anyway...  I detailed the steps I took at
>> http://dirkgerrits.com/2009/10/28/xournal-on-windows/.
> pdftoipe is not a Qt application, but a simple command line program.  If
> you already have all the pieces installed, would you perhaps be willing to
> build pdftoipe.exe for Ipe's Windows users?  It should only take you a few
> minutes, as you essentially only have to say  (there is a small Makefile):
> g++ -Wno-write-strings parseargs.c xmloutputdev.cpp pdftoipe.cpp
> Based on your instructions, I should be able to work it out, but I simply
> have no time now.  Since I do not use Windows myself, it has really low
> priority for me.
> (I probably failed because I tried to build a small poppler, without the
> long chain of dependencies that are not used in pdftoipe anyway. And I
> didn't want to install MSys for fear it would interfere with my cygwin setup
> - but I guess they can co-exist peacefully?)
> Speaking about compilation for Windows, does anybody know how to
> crosscompile Qt 4 using mingw under Ubuntu?   I can crosscompile all other
> parts of Ipe, but Qt still forces me to do the compilation under VMware.
> Thanks,
>  Otfried
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