[Ipe-discuss] bugzilla gone?

René van Oostrum ipe at gomorrha.org
Thu Nov 15 11:50:18 CET 2007

Otfried wrote:

> Since Rene is no longer at cs.uu.nl, perhaps it would make sense to move
> the mailing lists to luaforge.org.  Rene, what do you think?
> In fact we could also use the Tracker at luaforge  instead of bugzilla.

I have no strong opinion about what we should do with the Ipe
mailinglists. Even though I'm no longer at cs.uu.nl, I can still maintain
the lists (which is hardly any work anyway; I have to reject/accept
messages less than once a month). The link to bugzilla in the listinfo has
been fixed, by the way.

The pros of keeping the lists at cs.uu.nl: the mail/webservers are
extremely reliable, and the site will probably still be there when Ipe
hits version 42.

Moving everything (downloads, bug tracker, mailing lists) to the same
website (luaforge.org) may be convenient too, on the other hand.

So in summary: I don't mind it going either way.


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