[Ipe-discuss] cmss for math symbols

Alexander Wolff awolff at ira.uka.de
Wed Jul 19 17:50:01 CEST 2006

dear johan,

 > After some reading in
 > http://www.tug.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/doc/fntguide.pdf I
 > found a solution that solves at least this problem. (I don't know
 > if it causes any other.)


 > After the lines of DeclareSymbolFont add some lines that changes
 > the way the comma and colon looks like.
 > \DeclareMathDelimiter{,}{\mathpunct}{letters}{"2C}{symbols}{"2C}
 > \DeclareMathDelimiter{.}{\mathpunct}{letters}{"2E}{symbols}{"2E}

looks strange :-)

 > I don't exactly know what all arguments are good for, but it works.

in deed!  tack so mycket!

now i should be able to find out how to make \partial not look like
"@" and \pi not like "ß" and "/" not like "=" ... 

it's a pain.  i wonder why nobody so far had the problem --
seems everybody's happy with the curly variables in math mode?


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