[Ipe-discuss] Line attributes - bug or feature?

Kaushik Ghose kghose at umd.edu
Sat Jan 28 16:33:09 CET 2006

Otfried Cheong wrote:
> Kaushik Ghose wrote:
>> When you click on a line, the line attributes (thickness, arrow head 
>> etc.) don't update on the select boxes - they remain as they were set.
> I know that Microsoft software has his behaviour, but I don't like it, 
> and Ipe won't adopt this.  It would cause users to inadvertently reuse 
> the properties of objects they had previously selected, instead of the 
> standard settings they started with (and wanted).
> Note that this is not a problem in, say, Microsoft word:  When you click 
> somewhere to start typing text, the toolbar will revert to the settings 
> active at this spot of the document.  This 'reverting' wouldn't be 
> possible in Ipe.

Yes, this is well thought out. Thanks for the reply Otfried.
I was thinking about an information-box-on-hover i.e. you hover your 
mouse over the object and a box pops out with a summary of attributes, 
but thats what ctrl-right does! Its fine as is (except perhaps, as was 
being discussed, if we skipped the ctrl key!)


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