[Ipe-discuss] ipe features

Kaushik Ghose kghose at umd.edu
Mon Jan 23 17:45:30 CET 2006

Wait a minute. I don't always get a crash!

If I don't shift-click (just click) when I stretch I get no crash and a 
stretch just fine.

And then I can shift-click and stretch to my heart's content.

*The shift-click must be done as the first action after set-center to 
crash ipe.*


Kaushik Ghose wrote:
> I did this and I do indeed get ipe to hang (99% CPU)
> I am on WinXP sp2, using pre26 windows binary.
> -kg
> Manuel López-Ibáñez wrote:
>> Jan Hlavacek wrote:
>>> You don't need to set angular snap and unset snap to vertices.  You 
>>> can also have "stretch object" set already.  The main point is:
>>> You use F1 to set the origin of the coordinate system to the place 
>>> where the cursor is pointing.  All other operations (stretching, 
>>> angular snap, etc) use this origin. I think it is all written in the 
>>> manual.
>> I am feeling really stupid. It is not possible that it works for all 
>> you and it crashes for me.
>> Open Ipe
>> C (create a circle)
>> E (stretch mode)
>> Snap to vertices
>> (select circle center)
>> F1
>> Shift-Click and move without releasing
>> = 100% cpu and ipe is blocked
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