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Jan Hlavacek jhlavace at svsu.edu
Mon Jan 23 17:25:22 CET 2006

Manuel López-Ibáñez wrote:
> Otfried Cheong wrote:
>> Manuel López-Ibáñez wrote:
>>> I am not sure how this works. I click in Set Origin and nothing happens.
>>> If  I scale the object after clicking in Set Origin, it doesn't scale 
>>> it about its center.
>> Ipe manual, section 6.3.
> I see...I think I have managed to do it but I am not sure if it is the 
> correct way.
> First I choose Snap to vertices to be able to snap to the centre of the 
> circle. Then I press F1 to set the origin of something (If you cannot 
> use this function from the menu, why it is there at all?). After that, I 
> press Angular Snap and unset Snap to vertices. Then I select Stretch 
> objects and by using Shift+Left-Click I can scale about the center of 
> the circle.
> Is this right? I feel a little bit stupid, was I supposed to guess all 
> this?

You don't need to set angular snap and unset snap to vertices.  You can 
also have "stretch object" set already.  The main point is:
You use F1 to set the origin of the coordinate system to the place where 
the cursor is pointing.  All other operations (stretching, angular snap, 
etc) use this origin. I think it is all written in the manual.

Perhaps there should be another way to set the origin, maybe a menu item 
which you would choose, then click at the place you want the new origin 
at, it would make it easier for people who prefer to use menus.  I 
myself prefer keyboard shortcuts to menus most of the time, so the 
current way is much better for me.

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