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Jan Hlavacek jhlavace at svsu.edu
Mon Jan 23 17:03:23 CET 2006

Otfried Cheong wrote:

> I thought this all works:  snapping to vertices does work for splines,
> but control points are not considered vertices (only control points of
> multiplicity 3 are).   This means you can't snap to a control point
> during editing.

If I remember correctly, the old (ver 5.x) ipe manual had a nice 
explanation about multiplicity of vertices, which does not seem to have 
made it to the new manual.  Am I mistaken? Is it still there? Or was it 
never there, and I completely hallucinated the whole thing?

> Should this be changed?  An option?  Should control points be vertices
> only during editing?

Is there a way to change a multiplicity of a control point during 
editing? If not, snapping to control points would provide one.

>> I vote for double click. It would be easier, more intuitive than the
>> current C-Right click. Also allows for keeping the old functioning of
>> the left button click. Alternatively we could have right-double-click
>> for edit.
> Note that the suggestion is to use Double-click for "Edit", not for
> popping up the object menu (I think it's somewhat unnatural to pop up a
> menu on double-click).
> Personally, I find Ctrl+E perfectly sufficient :-)

Me too, on the other hand, as long as you keep Ctrl+E, do whatever you 
want with double click.  I dislike double clicks and simply will not use 
it. If it makes people happy ans is not hard to implement...

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