[Ipe-discuss] Using one ipelet in another

Otfried Cheong otfried at kaist.ac.kr
Thu Jan 5 13:18:32 CET 2006

Truong Huy Nguyen Dinh wrote:
> I'm about to write one implementing an algorithm of mine to act on a set 
> of circles. My algorithm uses Delaunay triangulation as a preprocessing 
> step, hence, I think i can reuse the already included qvoronoi ipelet. 
> Can I somehow link the qvoronoi ipelet to mine? Or must I put the whole 
> source code of qvoronoi in the ipelet?

It's not currently possible for an ipelet to get a pointer to other 
loaded ipelets.

I also don't think that would be very useful for you - qvoronoi simply 
unpacks the Ipe objects, calls the qhull code to compute the Voronoi 
diagram/Delaunay triangulation, then repacks the output as Ipe objects. 
  You can simply call qhull yourself if you need a Delaunay triangulation.

> I'm totally new to writing ipelets, and wondering whether there is any 
> additional FAQs/tutorials on writing one available. 

I'm afraid that is not the case.  Volunteers are welcome :-)


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