[Ipe-discuss] unjoining or uncomposing paths and filling

Otfried Cheong otfried at tclab.kaist.ac.kr
Tue Dec 5 17:08:04 CET 2006

Marc Glisse wrote:
> I have 4 circle arcs. I composed them instead of joining them (couldn't 
> figure out what the difference was at that time, and I only understood 
> by looking at the xml and eps code). I want to fill the inside of it 
> with some color. When I did it, ipe showed it fine. Now I closed and 
> reopened ipe, it just fills each arc of circle. How to I go from here to 
> the right situation (I could probably edit the xml file and remove the 3 
> lines that reset the origin of each subpath, but that does not feel 
> good)? And why did ipe show me a nicely filled figure the first time?

If I understand correctly, Ipe now behaves correctly: the composition of 
four circle arcs consists of four filled regions.  I don't know why you 
first got to see something else.

Doesn't "Decompose path" (in the object menu) followed by "Join paths" 
do the trick?


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