[Ipe-discuss] Import of EPS or PDF

Johan Ingvast ingvast at md.kth.se
Wed Nov 2 22:41:52 CET 2005

Martin Bretschneider wrote:
> Hi,
> is there a possibility to import EPS or PDF files? I tried to find
> the .tex-file in the latexrun directory but the file was not the file
> that was opened edited ipe. If this hat worked I would had edited
> the .tex-file itself.
As far as I understand you can not display graphics as you do in latex 
with \includegraphics ... However, I'm not absolutely sure and I think 
it would be a great feature if it one could.

So your options are to convert the eps/pdf in to an ipe file or into a 
bitmapp (jpg/png).
For the first case use pdftoipe and my experience is that in most cases, 
it works well.

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