[Ipe-discuss] Page numbers in presentations

Dmitriy Morozov ipe at foxcub.org
Thu Mar 31 16:52:48 CEST 2005

On Thursday 31 March 2005 12:52 am, you wrote:
> As for templates:  make the contents a group, and put whatever you
> want (I use a label, a horizontal line, and a logo on my
> presentations).

I actually tried that after sending the email, and realized that the 
whole approach doesn't work. If I put a group into a template, it 
does not let me ungroup the objects (after using that template), 
which makes modifying the title text impossible. What's much worse is 
even if I make just a single text object a template, it does not let 
me edit its contents after I use the template in the document. Is it 
meant to be like this by design, or is it a bug? 


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