[Ipe-discuss] A feature suggestion for IPE

Kaushik Ghose kghose at umd.edu
Sun Mar 6 07:01:23 CET 2005

What ! A new guy and his first post is a feature suggestion? The nerve,
the nerve :)

Suffice it is to say that I'm using IPE to draw all the diagrams in my
thesis and the papers that will make up its bulk.

I have a small feature suggestion for IPE. To me the XML format is the
"native" format for IPE. I may accidentally mess with the .eps file or
the .pdf file using some other program, but the XML is (in my mind) IPEs
native file. I need to keep both eps and pdf versions of the diagrams I
draw (don't ask, don't ask) and I think that an option setting in IPE
that allows us to save changes to the XML file and automatically save
the .eps and .pdf versions simultaneously would be fabulous.

So you would go to help->preferences  and there would be three
checkboxes, one saying "Use XML as native" and the other two saying
"Automatically export to .eps", "Automatically export to .pdf"



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