[Ipe-discuss] LaTeX settings, group object and endpoint of a line

Martin Bretschneider mls at bretschneidernet.de
Sun Jun 12 14:14:18 CEST 2005


I use ipe (6.0 preview 23) on Linux and Windows for my diploma thesis
and like this program. But I have two question:

1. ipe is a frontend for pdflatex and runs pdflatex in a special
directoy "latexrun" in the user specific directory. It is possible to
definde special latex-packages like "\usepackage{palatino}
\usepackage{mathpazo}" for using special fonts? This lines must only
be inserted in the head of the LaTeX file that is produced by ipe
before the pdflatex run. I can images such special adjustments in the
preferences dialog of ipe. What do you think?

2. Currently, I draw a lot of circles that are connected with lines
(arrows). If I move these circles, the lines lose the connection to
the circle and if I move the arrow and the circle at the same time the
other end of the arrow has lost its circle.
My question is if there is a possibility to connect the end point of a
line (arrow) and an object (cirlce, sqaure) in a kind of grouping. If
you move this group, the end point of the line does also move and the
line does follow the object.

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