[Ipe-discuss] Bug tracking for multiple ipelet authors

Rainer Typke rainer.typke at cs.uu.nl
Sat Dec 3 13:40:57 CET 2005

 >>I thought I'd report it on bugzilla, but then I did not find a component
 >>"Ipelets" so I hesitated. Should I put it "Ipe" or should ipelets not at
 >>all go into bugzilla?
 > Good point.  I've created a component "Ipelets" where this can be 
 > Once there are more ipelets not written by me (like this one), I'll need
 > to set up some system of handling bug reports.  For the moment, the
 > "Ipelets" category will do.

Shouldn't it be sufficient to set up one component for each ipelet 
author (e. g., "Otfried's ipelets") in Bugzilla, with the ipelet author 
as the default assignee?

Rainer Typke
Universiteit Utrecht

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