[Ipe-discuss] something wrong with the PDF file

René van Oostrum rene at cs.uu.nl
Mon Apr 25 11:26:53 CEST 2005

  >> Try writing a very small latex file
  >> \documentclass{article}
  >> \begin{document}
  >> This is a test.
  >> \end{document}
  >> If you run pdflatex and then look at the resulting PDF file in
  >> acroread, you can check the used fonts (under "Document
  >> properties"). It should list only embedded type1 fonts. If this
  >> goes wrong, you should ask someone knowledgeable about Debian
  >> (there are such people on this list :-)

  Carlos> I ran pdflatex on your sample file and got type 3 fonts.

On my Debian system, I get type 1 fonts with the above. So it seems
that your (pdf)latex setup is indeed the culprit. I'm not really
knowledgable about Debian (I switched from Redhat only recently), but
let me know if I can be of help.


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