[Ipe-discuss] something wrong with the PDF file

Otfried Cheong otfried at cs.kaist.ac.kr
Mon Apr 25 03:48:20 CEST 2005

> "There is something wrong with the PDF file generated by pdflatex. 
> Please consult the stderr output to identify the problem."
> It appears that the problem is with the pdflatex embedding a font type 
> not supported by Ipe. When I run Ipe using the -debug option the output 
> shown below appears on my Konsole. I am using KDE on Debian (sarge). All 
> are fairly recent installations. I suppose I need to install the 
> appropriate fonts for pdflatex that will also be compatible with 
> Ipe...but what fonts are those? I would appreciate any suggestions on 
> how to do this...I dont think I have a very good understanding of how 
> TeTeX accesses fonts (updmap and such).

> </var/cache/fonts/pk/ljfour/public/cm/cmr10.600pk>

The culprit is this line here, where pdflatex uses the bitmap font 
cmr10.600pk.  Ipe doesn't support bitmap fonts (as they cannot be scaled 

A standard pdflatex setup should not use bitmap fonts for CMR (the 
computer modern roman fonts).  I suppose debian uses tetex, and even the 
most basic tetex setup should include the right scalable (type1) fonts, 
so I don't know why this happens.

Try writing a very small latex file

This is a test.

If you run pdflatex and then look at the resulting PDF file in acroread, 
you can check the used fonts (under "Document properties").  It should 
list only embedded type1 fonts. If this goes wrong, you should ask 
someone knowledgeable about Debian (there are such people on this list :-)


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