[Ipe-discuss] IPE new user

Otfried Cheong otfried at cs.uu.nl
Mon Dec 13 12:32:12 CET 2004

Yves.Pocchiola at space.alcatel.fr wrote:
>    Could it be possible to have a combined "new view,new layer" command
>    which keep the previous view configuration in term of layers. Most of
>    the time a presentation is made by addition of one layer to the previous
>    view and presently I have to deselect each time the whole set of
>    unwanted layers. This new command could save a lot of time.

That should really be the semantic of the "New layer, new view" command. 
       I'll change it in the next release.

>    Could it be also possible to resize on the fly the editor box width.
>    Presently we have to chose the width at box creation and to make text
>    copy, box erase, box creation, text paste...  if the visual result is
>    not satisfactory. The mode of dilatation/contraction of the whole text
>    is not always good as it changes the police size.

Doesn't "Change width" in the object menu do what you need?

>    A last question: What about the support of METAPOST drawings in a
>    similator mode to the support of LaTeX ? A METAPOST text program
>    generates n postscript drawings which could be arranged on the canvas at
>    will with the help of the mouse.

You can convert METAPOST output to Ipe format using ps2pdf and pdftoipe, 
   and then use them inside Ipe as you like.  One could write an ipelet 
to automate part of the process.


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