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rtypke at theano.de rtypke at theano.de
Wed Sep 3 21:04:21 CEST 2003

Would it be very difficult to implement omnipresence as an additional
optional attribute for layers? I think this would be the easiest thing to
use, and at least for the user interface, it would require very little
alterations of the software.

>> - presentation/recurring elements on multiple pages:
> >
> >  You mention in the documentation that "style sheets can also contain
> > ... logos to be displayed on each page". The example in the
> > documentation does not seem to do that. Do you have an example that
> > demonstrates this feature? Can I make any combination of object types
> > (text/polygons/bitmaps) reappear on subsequent pages and, if necessary,
> > edit only once to update all pages?
>Yes, this can be done.  Basically, you have
><template name="logo">
>... an ipe object (can be a group) ...
>in your style sheet, and you refer to it as
><ref name="logo">
>in your document.  The user interface has absolutely no support for
>this yet, so it's not yet possible to seriously work with this feature
>yet (and for that reason it's also very little tested).
>In some future version...

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