[Ipe-discuss] A feature request

Otfried Cheong ocheong at win.tue.nl
Tue Nov 18 11:03:31 CET 2003

Daniel Walders writes:
 > First request:
 > I would like to be able to use LaTeX PK fonts in my EPS figures. I did what 
 > I normally do (when using pdflatex in general): I put an empty psfonts.map 
 > file inside the latexrun directory. But when I click Save, Ipe complains 
 > that it doesn't support the PK fonts.

Ipe assumes that once it has created a text object, it can be scaled
and stretched freely.  PK fonts break that assumption.

Also, PDF viewers display PK fonts so poorly that I consider it a
misconfiguration when PK fonts are included the output of my personal
pdflatex setup.

Could you explain why you would want this? 

 > Second request:
 > If I type text with foreign characters such as þ, ð, and æ, why does it 
 > throw the following error?

See Chapter 11 in the manual.


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