[Ipe-discuss] problem viewing pdftex conversion

René van Oostrum rene at cs.uu.nl
Wed Dec 3 02:07:03 CET 2003

Barsendu Mukherjee (BM) wrote:

  BM> I am new to IPE and have run into some problems trying to
  BM> include figures drawn in it in my tex document. pdflatex runs
  BM> correctly. when i try to view it in acrobat however, the figure
  BM> is displayed but text following it (like caption and at times
  BM> text following the figure) is not always displayed. i have to
  BM> scroll down a page and when i go back to the page i see the
  BM> caption and text.

This sounds related (though not similar) to the problem that pdftex
has with determining the bounding box of pdf figures; in that case,
text is moved to the next page. The solution for that problem is to
open the document properties dialog (in the Edit menu), and to check
the Use CropBox checkbox. Maybe this would solve your problem too.

Good luck,

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