[Ipe-discuss] problem viewing pdftex conversion

Barsendu Mukherjee barsendu at acad.umass.edu
Tue Dec 2 23:56:54 CET 2003


I am new to IPE and have run into some problems trying to include figures 
drawn in it in my tex document. pdflatex runs correctly. when i try to view it 
in acrobat however, the figure is displayed but text following it (like 
caption and at times text following the figure) is not always displayed. i 
have to scroll down a page and when i go back to the page i see the caption 
and text. however if i try to print it the text is not printed. i cannot 
figure out why. to be on the safe side i have included the lines on the ipe 
website to overcome rendering problems in pdf but that does not help either. 
my figures are coming on one page and not spilling onto the next. i am using 
pdfTeX, Version 3.141592-1.10b (MiKTeX 2.2). i am including sample tex code as 


\ifx\pdfoptionalwaysusepdfpagebox\relax\else % did not make any difference



\caption{\label{fig:networkEg}Example of a Queueing Network}

Queueing networks have proven to be very successful in modeling real
life systems. A queueing network (Figure~\ref{fig:networkEg}) is a
graph of individual queues and servers with each node consisting of a
queue for the customers to wait to be served and a collection of one ...


after compiling, when i open the pdf, i get the figure but no caption nor the 
text following it. if i scroll down to page two and then back to page 1 i can 
see everything. i thought it might be taking time to render the text but if i 
try to print it then i do not get the text or caption either. commenting out 
the figure helped display the text immediately without any problems. so i 
guess it has something to do with ipe. can anyone help me?

thank you.

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