[Ipe-discuss] Converting ipe5 on Windows XP

Otfried Cheong ocheong at win.tue.nl
Mon Apr 14 17:12:16 CEST 2003

 > I'm trying to open ipe5 files on Windows directly with ipe6 - a dialog 
 > appears, tells me my file will be converted to XML - I say fine - and 
 > then ipe complains that it can't find the XML file (and neither can I). 
 > All is well if I first manually convert my file using ipe5toxml ... any 
 > ideas?

ipe5toxml isn't run.  Do you have a space in the path to ipe5toxml, by
any chance?

I guess one always needs to quote the program name when calling
'system' (or rather, one probably should use some windows-specific
API---I don't feel like doing that as long as 'system' works...)

Will be fixed in Preview 11.

 > And a little thing: When saving a file, selecting a type in the dialog 
 > doesn't seem to do anything, i.e., I select type EPS and would like to 
 > save the file "frog" - that should produce the file frog.eps, but if I 
 > only enter "frog" then I get an error message, I have to type frog.eps ...

The Qt function doesn't return the setting of the filter.  There is no
way for Ipe to do this without implementing its own file dialog. Maybe
when all the other bugs have been fixed...


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