[Ipe-discuss] misc

Olivier Devillers Olivier.Devillers at sophia.inria.fr
Fri Apr 4 10:51:16 CEST 2003

Still experimenting the new Otfried production.

Two questions I didn't find the answer in the manual:

---  Is there a way tu cut and paste a whole page as in Ipe5 (I mean not 
as in Ipe5
  but with all new things : e.g. the layers and the presentation defined)

--- Is there a way to select few objects and to ask to all of them to be 
in layer beta

Few more remarks for Otfried :

--- Sometimes I have a strange behavior of the selected object
I select a rectangle (stroke black, fill empty) it turns red 0.5 second
and the turn black again. If I put the mouse outside the ipe window
the rectangle is red, if the mouse is inside it goes black again.

--- When a pop up window to type a text or a layer name appears, it is 
in the center of the screen
     and not where the mouse is, thus you need to move the mouse (waste 
of time !)

I will do my first Ipe6 presentation next week !

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