[Ipe-announce] Preview 13 available

Otfried Cheong ocheong at win.tue.nl
Tue Apr 20 22:52:44 CEST 2004

It's been a while, but finally a new version of Ipe is available on
the webpage (ipe.compgeom.org).

The main reason for the release are two political changes: 

First, the license now contains a special exception clause that allows
you to link Ipe with CGAL.  This is necessary to allow the publishing
of ipelets based on CGAL, as ipelets are dynamically linked.

Second, the Windows distribution of Ipe is now compiled using the Free
Borland C++ compiler. This should make it easier for Ipe fans to
compile their own ipelets on Windows.  The only thing you need to
develop ipelets on Windows is the Windows Ipe distribution and the
Borland compiler, available as a free download on www.borland.com.
Compilation is as easy as saying

    "bcc32 -WD -DWIN32 -Iinclude kgon.cpp lib/libipe.lib"

There are many bug fixes to round off the release, and a few
long-standing feature request have finally been implemented - see

I'm also finally moving style sheet support from "experimental" to
"officially supported" (well, I guess that mostly means that I'll now
start taking bugreports about style sheets serious :-)



Ipe 6.0 preview 13 (2004-04-20)

 * Official Windows Ipe distribution is now compiled with free Borland
   C++ compiler.

 * Changed license to allow linking with CGAL.

 * In preferences dialog, one can now set the initial grid visibility,
   window maximizing, default paper size, and the default style sheet.

 * Style sheets can now define LaTeX preamble pieces.

 * Command line option to add a style sheet to new document.

 * "Insert image" moved to file menu, added inserting from clipboard.
   Ctrl+V will now paste a bitmap from the clipboard.

 * Fixed bug #1 (copied text has wrong textmatrix).
 * Fixed display of arrows on non-solid lines.

 * Fixed bug #13 (Symbolic attributes missing in the style sheet no
   longer cause Ipe to crash).

 * XML parser slightly improved, accepts XML comments <-- XXX -->.

 * Ipe now compiles on two different compilers without warnings.

 * Invisible text objects no longer break latex run.

 * Fixed bug #28 (Ipe5toxml couldn't run).

 * Notes on changing keyboard shortcuts (thanks to Kostas Oikonomou).

 * Fixed bug #38 (horizontal text alignment not preserved when

 * Fixed bug #26 (Ipe doesn't work with fptex).

 * Fixed compilation on Solaris and other Unixes (thanks to Kostas

 * Improved C++ portability (thanks to Thomas J. Kacvinsky).  Ipe
   should compile with Forte C++ now.


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