[Ipe-announce] Preview 11 is available

Otfried Cheong ocheong at win.tue.nl
Thu Nov 6 22:12:42 CET 2003

It's been a long while since there was any traffic on this list :-(

Finally, Ipe 6.0 preview 11 is now available on the website

Thanks to everybody who reported bugs or commented on features.

This is a bug-fix release (there were quite a few of those...)

Which brings me to the other major innovation: thanks to Rainer Typke,
there is now a professional bug-tracking system
(ipe.compgeom.org/bugzilla.html).  It's actually so professional that
I found it somewhat intimidating at first (there must be twenty or so
settings on the query page).  But it's really extremely helpful in
tracking bugs, so I would kindly ask everyone to use it, in the
unlikely case that any future bugs would occur :-) It's not that
important that you get all the options right, as long as there is a
description of the problem (and you can attach a file that exhibits
the problem).

This has taken a bit longer than expected because I also changed my
build system behind the scenes quite a bit, because (a) I'm using CVS
now, and (b) I'm using Linux as the main development platform again.



 * Patches by Stefan Langerman for Mac OS X.

 * Ipe installation automated with "make install".

 * Fixed serious problem that caused Ipe figures to crash printer or
   previewer when circles/arcs where used.

 * Fixed stroke color appearing incorrectly on screen when using
   anti-aliased text.

 * Fixed crash when snapping to intersection on zero-length segments

 * Fixed bugs in "Goodies/Precise box"

 * "Duplicate" now unselects old objects.

 * Fixed Ctrl+E leaving Ipe.

 * Fixed undocumented operator 'h'.

 * Fixed bug that caused menu to be dimmed when creating marks and

 * Fixed bug #11 (Ipe closes without saving file).

 * It's no longer necessary to enter an extension when saving.  Ipe
   will now use whatever is set as the filter in the dialog.

 * Fixed bug #12 (Arrows drawn with dotted linestyle).


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