[Ipe-announce] Ipe has moved!

Otfried Cheong o.cheong at tue.nl
Wed Mar 26 18:29:35 CET 2003

Ipe has moved into its permanent home:


To celebrate the event, Ipe 6.0 Preview 9 has been released. A list of
changes appears below.



 * Compression option in Preferences is now a single checkbox.

 * Function to save current page as bitmap (can also be called from
   command line as -topng).

 * Fixed behaviour when switching between absolute and symbolic
   attributes. Introduced separate switch for grid size and angle.

 * Fixed masks for toolbar icons.

 * Finished handling of images.  They are now finally embedded
   efficiently in PDF documents (that is, not once in PDF format and
   once in XML format).

 * Text objects can now be transformed (rotated, stretched, and scaled).

 * Support for magnified text in presentations (see section on Style
   Sheets in the manual). 

 * Fixed size selection of Ipe window on start-up.

 * Goodies ipelet: Function "Create mediabox" added.

 * Support for Ipe localization added. Can also be used to change the
   keyboard shortcuts.

 * Fixed origin of stretch/scale.

 * "Select all" retains primary selection.

 * Keyboard shortcuts can be configured (see section "Customizing Ipe"
   in the manual).  

 * Width of paragraph objects can be changed (in object menu).

 * Snapping functions F3 and Shift-F3 implemented.

 * In snapping functions F1 and F2, angular snapping is now off.

 * Object menu button finds near object if primary selection is far
   from mouse.

 * 'Normal size' function implemented according to Rene's suggestion.


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