[Arisaema-l] Arisarema taiwanense ID question

Charles Hunter 2csh at bellsouth.net
Wed May 6 19:49:13 CEST 2015

Thanks Guy; Tony Avent, the owner of Plant Delights Nursery in North
Carolina thinks it is likely a green consanguineum. He says that between the
mainland China consanguineum and the Taiwanese ones there is a very long and
differing bloom period between different plants, from now into August. He
has visited Taiwan and seen the plants wild, including lots of green
consanguineum there,  and he says that the Taiwanese consanguineum are
generally early. 


Ciliatum is a difficult plant for me here in the southeastern USA, and I
have not noticed that my seedlings are stoloniferous (but only the one in
the pictures is big enough to bloom), so I would lean towards consanguineum.
Plus the bloom time for ciliatum per your book says June-July and this plant
is blooming now (consanguineum blooms May-July per your book). 


Whoever submitted the seed in 2011 might want to correct the ID on their
plants. Nice to have some "early" A. consanguineum, assuming that is the
correct ID.



Charles Hunter

Smyrna, Georgia z7 USA



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You're right, it's certainly not A. taiwanense. But, from your photos, it
could be either a ciliatum if stoloniferous or a consanguineum.

I doubt it is a concinnum.

Best wishes.

Guy Gusman



Le 4 mai 2015 à 21:34, Charles Hunter a écrit :

In 2011 I received from the AEG Seed Exchange and planted in the garden seed
marked "#16 Arisaema taiwanense". I have my first bloom from that seed right
now, but the inflorescense does not resemble the red-brown ones of my 2
mature plants of this species. My bloom on the seedling is green and has a
very long tail on the spathe limb (see first photograph).


Also the spadix appendage looks a little different, being thinner and less
blunt at the end. See photos 3 and 4 attached. 4 was with me holding the
spathe limb up to reveal inside.


My 2006 Gusman book does not say that A. taiwanense comes in green, but only
mentions the red-brown inflorescense (p. 407). 


Drip tips on leaves resemble my mature taiwanense, not as long as my
consanguineum (consanguineum is not up yet here). See second photo.


Please take a look at pictures- is the a variety of A. taiwanense, or
another species? Flower resembles the Gusman picture of A. concuimmum on
page 366.


Charles Hunter

Smyrna, Georgia USA zone 7



<Arisaema taiwanense green1 5-4-15.jpg><Arisaema taiwanense green2
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