[Arisaema-l] Arisarema taiwanense ID question

Guy Gusman ggusman at skynet.be
Wed May 6 08:38:33 CEST 2015

You're right, it's certainly not A. taiwanense. But, from your photos, it could be either a ciliatum if stoloniferous or a consanguineum.
I doubt it is a concinnum.
Best wishes.
Guy Gusman

Le 4 mai 2015 à 21:34, Charles Hunter a écrit :

> In 2011 I received from the AEG Seed Exchange and planted in the garden seed marked "#16 Arisaema taiwanense". I have my first bloom from that seed right now, but the inflorescense does not resemble the red-brown ones of my 2 mature plants of this species. My bloom on the seedling is green and has a very long tail on the spathe limb (see first photograph).
> Also the spadix appendage looks a little different, being thinner and less blunt at the end. See photos 3 and 4 attached. 4 was with me holding the spathe limb up to reveal inside.
> My 2006 Gusman book does not say that A. taiwanense comes in green, but only mentions the red-brown inflorescense (p. 407).
> Drip tips on leaves resemble my mature taiwanense, not as long as my consanguineum (consanguineum is not up yet here). See second photo.
> Please take a look at pictures- is the a variety of A. taiwanense, or another species? Flower resembles the Gusman picture of A. concuimmum on page 366.
> Charles Hunter
> Smyrna, Georgia USA zone 7
> <Arisaema taiwanense green1 5-4-15.jpg><Arisaema taiwanense green2 5-4-15.jpg><Arisaema taiwanense green3 5-4-15.jpg><Arisaema taiwanense green4 5-4-15.jpg>_______________________________________________
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