[Arisaema-l] The risk of ordering plants from Chen Yi China

Markus Angler mk_angler at yahoo.de
Mon Jul 21 12:13:51 CEST 2014

Dear all,

please be carefull with one of the email addresses of Chen Yi. The address Chen Yi [chenyiinursery at hotmail.com] was hacked and is not valid anymore. If you get an email from this address there is the usually on the bottom the comment that you have to send the money in advance otherwise plants will not be sent or after ordering you get immediately the bill.

My wife met Chen Yi last winter and she told her that she never will ask for money in advance. Her new email address is yi chen [conglinzuang at gmail.com] and when you get her list she always reminds you:

Please keep in mind that I never request you send deposits for
the plants you ordered!  All the payment will be paid after you receive
the plants, and please just send your payment by bank wire to my 
HSBC Account in China as you did before, the Beneficiary name must
be: Chen Yi

I always had good experiences with Chen Yi

Best regards

Markus Angler

Eric Gouda <E.J.Gouda at uu.nl> schrieb am Mo, 21.7.2014:

 Betreff: [Arisaema-l] The risk of ordering plants from Chen Yi China
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 Datum: Montag, 21. Juli, 2014 11:56 Uhr
 Dear plant lovers,
 We had a very unpleasant experience with ordering plants
 from Chen Yi in 
 Our order of about 150 euro was hold in Madrid and I had to
 pay 200 euro 
 to get the plants through customs and I did pay.
 After that, the plants did not got through because customs
 said that 
 there were no plants in the packet and I contacted Chen Yi.
 Chen Yi mailed me, and asked me to collaborate, because
 there was 8.2 
 milion US$ in the packet of an investor and I would get a
 percentage. Of 
 course I refused to collaborate. I got a phone call from the
 agent in 
 Madrid that I could get the packet through after paying an
 other 1750 
 euro, which I refused of course. The agent knew that there
 was money in 
 the packet as he told me and I think he could buy custom
 Chen Yi promised me to pay me back for the costs, but she
 does not reply 
 to my messages any more after I stopped collaborating with
 If you want to order plants from her, be warned that you
 experience the same problems I've got. If you know other
 people ordering 
 from her, please pass this warning on to them.
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