[Arisaema-l] The risk of ordering plants from Chen Yi China

Jean-Claude Brutsch1 jc.brutsch at bluewin.ch
Mon Jul 21 12:10:40 CEST 2014

Dear Eric, 
thank you for the warning. Are you sure that you order to Chen Yi herself ? I got a surrealistic message from Chen Yi nursery trying to charge 500 $ a s a basic fee…
I got an other message from Chen Yi herself later warning me of a fraud. Here is a copy:
Best regards

Jean-Claude Brutsch

1204 Genève
jc.brutsch at bluewin.ch

conglinzuang at gmail.com

Hello Jean-Claude Brutsch,
Greetings from Chen Yi in China.  
This has a long time we did not have communications since I last 
spoke to you in February of 2010.  Hope all is going well for you
and your family.
I'd like to send you our new list for 2013/2014 as below attachment.  
Let me know if you have any problem to open it. The delivery time 
is still from the early of November to the end of March as before.    
Before our new fall business, I must remind you that Double careful 
Online fraud activities!!!   You know, all of my old email-accounts
did hacked by someone, these thieves steal my secrets, obtain key
pieces of my information, such as date of birth, bank details, or 
driver’s license numbers, in order to impersonate me else. That is to
say, they pretended themselves to be Chen Yi to write emails to you,
so please be aware of imitations!!!  
Just send emails or your order to my new two email-accounts as below
listed. <conglinzuang at gmail.com> or <yichen948 at yahoo.com>

DO NOT send any emails to my previous any email-accounts since I 
cannot receive them!   Beside, please carefully check and make sure
all of my emails you received are sent from above the two new email
Address. If there is any spelling mistake or a little difference on the
two new email-accounts, that must be forgery!!!
BTW, please keep in mind that I never request you send deposit!!
All the payment will be paid after you receive plants!!!  And please just
send your payment by bank wire to my HSBC account in China as you
did before, the Beneficiary name must be: Chen Yi

Please DO NOT send any money via Western Union to Chenyinursery 
or to someone!!! For example, it might be Barclay account in UK or 
HK. That would be very dangerous, since you may lose money. Here
I sincerely advice you on alerting you enough to be careful and to
protect you. Don’t loss your money!!!
I am looking forward to hearing from you on my advice, and doing
business with you again in the fall.

With best wishes,
Chen Yi

On 21 Jul 2014, at 11:56, Eric Gouda <e.j.gouda at UU.NL> wrote:

> Dear plant lovers,
> We had a very unpleasant experience with ordering plants from Chen Yi in 
> China
> Our order of about 150 euro was hold in Madrid and I had to pay 200 euro 
> to get the plants through customs and I did pay.
> After that, the plants did not got through because customs said that 
> there were no plants in the packet and I contacted Chen Yi.
> Chen Yi mailed me, and asked me to collaborate, because there was 8.2 
> milion US$ in the packet of an investor and I would get a percentage. Of 
> course I refused to collaborate. I got a phone call from the agent in 
> Madrid that I could get the packet through after paying an other 1750 
> euro, which I refused of course. The agent knew that there was money in 
> the packet as he told me and I think he could buy custom out.
> Chen Yi promised me to pay me back for the costs, but she does not reply 
> to my messages any more after I stopped collaborating with her.
> If you want to order plants from her, be warned that you could 
> experience the same problems I've got. If you know other people ordering 
> from her, please pass this warning on to them.
> Eric
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