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Hi Dylan,

I'm a total newbie on tissue culture also. On facebook there was an interesting discussion on using tissue culture on inflorescence of hippeastrums and also on seeds from not fully ripen seedpods. I would like to try that but I'm not certain what medium to use. 

Found your Marashige and Skooge basal medium for instance sold by sigma-aldrich. But also enriched with Gamborg's vitamins and basal salt macronutrient. But could not find a Marashige medium with BAP and IBA. Does it mean the BAP and IBA ingredient have to be added or is there also a complete one in all solution including the agar on the market that would do for an initial try-out? 

Also any pointers on good articels, videos would be of great help.


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Hi Michael,
I run a commercial tissue culture lab here in Melbourne, Australia, and have done some work on Arisaema in the past, both for my own personal interest and for a nursery interested in growing them on from culture. I initiated material from both seed and the shoot tips from small tubers, and actually had more success from the latter, as far as active growth and decent multiplication rates are concerned.I originally thought I would try and multiply them as small tubers in culture and try to get them to produce offsets, but I found it much more productive to culture them as a cluster of shoots and then divide them into individual plantlets and get them to produce a small tuber at the base of the shoot once on rooting media.The species I worked on were Serratum, Consanguineum, Candidissimum, and Erubescens.All behaved in a fairly similar way in culture, and all grew on Murashige and Skoog with BAP and IBA in varying concentrations, so finding an appropriate media shouldn't be too much of a challenge.Good luck with your project and if I can be of any assistance or you would like some more detailed information then just let me know.

On 21 Jan 2014, at 2:47 pm, Michael Homick <michaelhomick at gmail.com> wrote:

I have set up a "tissue culture room" attached to my
home with a commercial laminar flow hood, growing shelves etc. The hood cost me
$50 on ebay. I will be experimenting on Lilium seed, bulbs and ovule culture
over the next year but would also like to look into the possibility of Arisaema
culture from seed. There is all kinds of articles on culturing lilies, but I am
unable to find any protocol on Arisaema, other than a mention by Tony Advent in
one of his blogs about Arisaema serratum var. serratum 'Uulong Treasure' being
cultured, However this would not have been from seed.

Once/if I develop the proper procedure for Arisaema seed
sterilization, I hope to compare various media

i.e. Murashige and Skoog Media and various Terrestrial
Orchid Media   as a starting point.


If anyone from this group has any comments or suggestions,
please feel free to get in touch. I hope to experiment on some of the more
common species from the seed exchange this spring. If successful in germinating
seed in vitro and finding out if it is possible to multiply the resulting
seedlings, there is a chance of being successful with rarer material in the


If members of the group feel this journey is relevant to the
Discussion List, I will keep them updated on any progress, otherwise if people
just wish to correspond privately do so as well.


All and any comments, suggestions links to relevant articles very


All the best,

Michael Homick

michaelhomick at gmail.com

Stevinson, CA. USA

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