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There may be something to that;  in my garden I have extensive plastic vole barriers (really necessary with my very loose soil and being a woodland garden). I dug two foot deep trenches around many of my flower beds and buried a barrier of thick plastic sheeting in the trench. In addition at intervals in the beds themselves, I pounded in pieces of plastic edging so they're just below the surfacer. I still get voles, but not nearly as bad. My garden is an acre, and I put a six foot deer fence around the whole thing; the deer could still jump it so I went back and added a wire all around it at 7 feet. Then groundhogs were digging under the fence, so I trenched the entire perimeter and buried another foot deep wire fence. Then little bunnies were in the spring crawling through the square openings in the wire fence, so I added a two foot rabbit fence at the bottom. Then moles were digging under the groundhog fence and coming into the garden, plus voles were chewing everything up, so I went back, as mentioned above and dug the two foot trench around much of the garden and put in the plastic. SO... I have a six foot deer fence, a seven foot deer wire, a foot deep buried groundhog fence, a two foot tall rabbit fence, and a two foot deep buried mole/vole barrier. Then I accidentally leave a gate open and a whole herd of deer come in and eat everything in sight. Sigh... 
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