[Arisaema-l] A. sikokianum persistence

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I've been contemplating something like this for a while myself.  For manyyears corms will just disappear from where they were without sign of ever having been there.When they rot away you have a punky nugget left behind or at least a sort of skin persists, but we have had an increasingly problematic vole issue here so maybe their being kidnapped. Erick AdamsZone 6 Rhode Island USA
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> I am beginning to believe that predation is a major cause of failure with A. sikokianum. It is one of the few arisaemas that is tasty to animals that eat underground plant parts. It is not unusual in my experience for big healthy sikoks to simply disappear, which doesn't make much sense if cultural problems are the cause.
> I had many persistent sikoks here that were naturalizing in the garden until my garden was overrun with voles; now the sikoks are pretty much gone.
> Barry Yinger
> USDA Zone 6 Pennsylvania USA
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