[Arisaema-l] A ringens

Russell Coker cokerra at bellsouth.net
Mon Apr 9 03:11:24 CEST 2012

I hear ya!

I brought my ringens home from Japan in 1987, and it survived in a pot for 
years waiting on me to finish college and settle down.  It was in and out of 
a pot several times.  Finally it was planted in its permanent home in 2001, 
and has flourished and set seeds on a couple of occasions.  Now I have it 
all over my garden, it's definitely the toughest Arisaema I've ever seen.

The mistake I made was assuming they were all as easy, care free and 
reliable as this one.  BIG MISTAKE!  Luckily, because I first saw and fell 
in love with them in Japan too, the kiushianum/thunbergii bunch 
(urashima-sou) have proved to be easy and reliable here on the Gulf Coast 
for me also.

My ringens and thunbergii have been up since January and finished blooming 
over a month ago, kiushianum is finishing now.

Russell in Mobile

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> My A. ringens started as a seed planted November 1990. It's still
> flourishing and about to bloom. Guess it must like it here on the
> north side of the house between the foundation and large yews.
> Actually there are 4 plants all planted at the same time from the
> same batch of seeds.
> At 22 years old, it probably outshines me in equivalent age.
> Ray
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