Aroids: Plants of the Arum Family

Al Wootten awootten at NRAO.EDU
Sat Apr 10 16:21:40 CEST 2010

I think Deni's book, 2nd ed, is a very good descriptive treatment.  For
Arisaema you should have The Genus Arisaema ~ Guy Gusman & Liliane
Gusman which is steep but can be purchased used for about $40.  And
please consider joining us in the IAS.

Clear skies,

James Waddick wrote:
> "Aroids: Plants of the Arum Family" by Deni Brown.
> What can anyone tell me about this book?  There is a paperback edition
> available from, and I'm wondering if I should get a copy.  My
> Aroid interests include Amorphopahllus and Zantedeschia as well as
> Arisaema.
> Jim Shields
> Dear Jim,
>     If you want a survey of the family it is excellent. Try for the 2nd
> edition.
>     There's an excellent book devoted to the Genus Arisaema that is
> specific.
>     And the Int Aroid Soc special issue on Amorphs is still the best on
> that topic.
>     BUT if you just want general info about a few more common species
> the RHS A-Z of Plants has a lot of good info.
>     $34 seems a bit high for this.         Jim W.

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