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>I'm very new to arisaema, but managed to rescue a lot of seeds from my
>arisaema sikokianum.  The fruitpod was outside all winter. I would like to
>plant them to see how it goes. How do I do this? Thank you for any advice
>you can give me.
>ps. I have washed the outer coating from them and dried them.

There are several methods that work fine. Search the archives for the "Deno
I believe one of the documents available on the web site is Donna Maroni's
extended Deno Method.

I used to use the Deno Method so I could record the progress of germination
Now I use a germinating mix from Gardener's Supply in 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 4
planting sleeves
set on the felt wick of one of their seed starters. This way I don't have
to worry with watering and I don't have to deal with transplanting the
delicate seedlings.

The tray is set on a stand in an East window and is backed with a foil
covered cardboard reflector designed for the latitude where I live (I can
send the plan if you like). This way the seedlings don't lean to the window.

Once the seedlings develop their first true leaves, I just move the
planting sleeves to a
nursery on the east end of the house being careful to not over water. Best
to protect them from excess moisture during dormancy as well.

As an aside, loading planting sleeves with germinating mix is tricky - they
have no bottom, just 2 cross straps. I cur a piece of paper towel a bit
larger than the leave footprint and use another leave to press it down in
the sleeve. Then put in the mix
and tamp it. The moisture from the seed starter wick goes right through the
paper towel,
but the mix will stay in the sleeve even after the towel dissolves.


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