SEEDEX What do I do now?

Susan Cox snalice at DSLEXTREME.COM
Thu Mar 29 06:51:37 CEST 2007

More help please!

I would like to attempt to get a permit, but I am confused as to what is
required to be entered as the 'country of origin'.

The gov. instructions specifically say that an entry of 'various' will 'not'
be accepted.   In light of the fact that this is a one time (3 year), I don'
t want to limit it to one country.

This is where I'm confused:

In paragraph #3 of the instructions for the small lots of seed permit, it

In the first column, enter a country or countries from which you want to
import the plants or plant products (various will not be accepted).

In the 'Special instructions for a small lots of seed permit', lower down in
the instructions, is says:

Starting on the second line, list the seed species and countries from which
you want to ship each species.  If the list of species and/or 'countries of
origin' is long, you may enter "eligible taxa"...that's it.  Nothing about
countries.  Are they saying I can enter 'eligible taxa' and that will cover
the taxa AND the countries?   Or are they saying I may put "various
'approved' countries" as opposed to simply 'various countries'?

Susan Cox

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