SEEDEX What do I do now?

Adam Fikso adam14113 at AMERITECH.NET
Thu Mar 29 04:29:02 CEST 2007

The green and yellow sticker goes to Eric--together with a copy of the
permit. (So he can send you the seed)  He encloses the permit copy with the
seed and the green-and-yellow sticker goes on the outside of the package to

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Subject: SEEDEX What do I do now?

> Well after reading the USDA blurbs and such, I have just received my 'Seed
> Import Permit' and the stickers for importing.  I have looked at the
> SEEDEX page and see I should eMail selections to Eric, But I can't figure
> out wnere to SnailMail a sticker and a copy of my permit to since they
> must apparently be sent back on the seed.  Please help!
> I sent in my donation through PayPal, and just wish I had some seed to
> send.  Since I live amid woods full of triphylum, I'll be sure to save
> some from various color forms of it next summer.
> George
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