Weird looking eophylls, Virus?

Giorgio Pozzi studio.pozzitaubert at TISCALI.IT
Fri Mar 23 16:25:59 CET 2007


Last year I grew some A. taiwanense seedlings from SeedEx ( JB the
donor ) , they didn't show any of the characters you mention, the
tubers ( 6 from 10 seeds )  were fine at the end of the growing
season, I would suggest to take them far off from the site where you
keep other seedlings, watch them carefully and try to take some
pictures ( macro in this case ) of the leaflets in different days,
upper and lower page.

May be Jim Mc Clements will help in a diagnosis...

> Although still very new to arisaema growing, I have by now
> germinated 8 or 9 different kinds of seed, and all have been pretty
> much similar except for the single versus triple bladed eophylls.
> I now am getting germination of some purportedly A. taiwanense seed
> however, which look very strange.  All of the eophylls are coming
> up very wrinkled, and mottled in appearance and some have very
> small black spots on them.  Although they are apparently growing
> about as fast as the other seedlings I have, they retain this
> appearance still and some are now 1" across the leaflet.
> Is this something to worry about?  It is definitly not rust, but
> appears to be either insect damage (which I can't believe as these
> aren't true cotyledons like other seeds) or some serious virus or
> disease.  Any ideas or do you suggest I just dump them quick?
> Seeds were purchased over the internet from a source in California.
> George
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