Weird looking eophylls, Virus?

George Forsythe geoforsy at AOL.COM
Fri Mar 23 16:07:44 CET 2007

Although still very new to arisaema growing, I have by now germinated 8 or 9 different kinds of seed, and all have been pretty much similar except for the single versus triple bladed eophylls. I now am getting germination of some purportedly A. taiwanense seed however, which look very strange. All of the eophylls are coming up very wrinkled, and mottled in appearance and some have very small black spots on them. Although they are apparently growing about as fast as the other seedlings I have, they retain this appearance still and some are now 1" across the leaflet.

Is this something to worry about? It is definitly not rust, but appears to be either insect damage (which I can't believe as these aren't true cotyledons like other seeds) or some serious virus or disease. Any ideas or do you suggest I just dump them quick? Seeds were purchased over the internet from a source in California.


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